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Come Out With Me Tonight (for Pride 2022)

from Stand Your Ground 2022 by Kimwei



My fiancee Emily and I made a home video to celebrate Pride 2022 (London Pride is today, 2nd July). This song is about when you have to ask someone to accept a drop in privilege in order to be in a relationship with you, meaning they start experiencing discrimination in areas where they didn't before. It's something that can be hard to talk about and coming out isn't always easy.

Please share this with anyone who needs to hear it, whether it might be for them or for someone they know. Sending love out to all those in the world who simply can't come out because it's threat to their safety. Also, remembering that coming out and experiencing a privilege drop doesn't just happen to the LGBTQ+ community, but to those who are disabled, neuro-different, those with invisible cultural heritages, activists and many more. We salute you. Let love find you.

COME OUT WITH ME TONIGHT, by Kimwei, July 2022

Guitar Standard Tuning, Full capo 3 & A major capo 5

Will you dare to hold my hand
and get shot down where you stand?
Oh everybody warned you.
Will you dare to hold my hand?
Did you have your whole life planned
and loving me will turn it upside down?
Oh never mind my darling
let it turn upside down.

Come out with me tonight.
It’s not gonna be alright.
Oh everybody told you
it’s not gonna be alright.
Come out with me tonight.
We won’t win if we get in a fight
Oh never mind my darling,
come out with me tonight.

Will you be here by my side
when my entry is denied?
Oh everybody warned you, will you be here by my side?
Did you hope to reach the stars
instead of walking down my path?
Oh never mind my darling.
Will you walk with me down this path?


‘cause we’ll lose and we will win
each other again and again and again.
Oh and everyone will tell you
how they knew that we would win.
And our path will catch the sun
and be seen by everyone
and everyone will follow
as we walk towards the sun.

Come out with me tonight.
It’s going to be alright.
Oh everybody will tell you
how they knew we would be alright
Come out with me tonight.
We won’t have to put up a fight,
Oh ‘cause everyone will love us
as we walk towards the light.

Come out with me tonight x3
Oh ‘cause everyone will love us.
Come out with me tonight.

Will you dare to hold my hand?


from Stand Your Ground 2022, released March 2, 2022


all rights reserved



Kimwei Exeter, UK

One voice, one guitar and a whole new world of sound.

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