Feb 2017 Part 2: £0 Challenge

from Pause For Thought: BBC Radio Devon by Kimwei



The £0 Challenge:

A couple of years ago I decided to face my fears about money by running out on purpose. I had no job or income at the time, and only £232 in the bank, but challenged myself to let my money run out naturally, then build back up from £0 without begging, borrowing or stealing. This meant no overdraft, no state benefits and no handouts. Instead I learned about making exchanges and the joy of being less attached to our money system. I thought that when I reached £0 I'd have nothing, but quickly realised this wasn't true: I didn't have nothing, I just didn't have any money.

The number 1 thing that made an impact on me during this time was creating what I call moneyless interactions. When we buy with money, it’s a transaction. The price is usually already on a tag, and almost no interaction is required – no relationship. Without money however, every exchange or act of giving or receiving requires a conversation, a relationship. Operating without money requires genuine asking, genuine giving and genuine receiving – these things are all beautiful experiences, and much craved by more people than you’d expect. The litmus test for a moneyless interaction is that, it’s not exactly win-win, it’s that both parties go away feeling gratitude, whether they were the one giving or receiving.

Since discovering this, I live now in post-£0-Challenge state. Although I’ve returned to earning and using money, my relationship with it has totally changed and I feel freer than ever. Whether I’m using money or not, has become irrelevant. I keep with me this truth, we should not be embarrassed to ask, to give, or perhaps most challenging of all; to receive, because these 3 things form the foundations that bring us close to each other. What would it be like if we could truly say exactly what we need? What would it be like if we could give someone we love exactly what they need? What would it be like if someone we love gave us exactly what we want? Asking is the gateway. Don’t be afraid to ask.


from Pause For Thought: BBC Radio Devon, released January 30, 2017


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