Feb 2017 Part 4: Prioritising Living Over Owning

from Pause For Thought: BBC Radio Devon by Kimwei



Why I’m Prioritising Living Over Owning by Being A Digital Nomad.

I’m speaking to you from the Roscoff to Plymouth ferry that returns me home from my first extended stint abroad as a Digital Nomad. The Digital bit refers to my work, teaching on an online music degree through Skype. The Nomad bit refers to my tendency to move constantly, exploring anywhere with a strong enough internet connection to keep that Digital bit happy. I’m part of a new wave of “backpackers” who’s backpacks are full of technology and tailored shirts rather than tents and convertible shorts.

The trip has seen me meandering through rural France, house-sitting and living quietly in beautiful landscapes, amongst rolling hills and sleepy shuttered towns – slow travel, you could call it. Is this my dream? Is this why I have never had an interest in buying or even renting a home? Have I always wanted to be a Digital Nomad?

The answer is no, and that “no” is very important to me. Being a Digital Nomad was never my goal, it is simply my current solution to the problem of living. Right now, it’s the best incarnation of freedom and fulfilment I’ve found. In the same way that when we search for God what we find is the result of the search. The result of the search will always grow and change, and continue to evolve.

5 years ago my solution was a Yurt – a canvas dwelling. I pitched up in a friend’s garden, after posting adverts around town which read “Ever wanted your own hermit? Having a hermit living in your garden can bring good fortune to your family. Will supply own cape. Doddering comes as standard.” I’ve also tried vans, and even lived in a 3 door car.

I love putting my resources into having experiences rather than into owning my own home, particularly at this time when for my generation, financial constraints so often make that an either or. Besides, I feel at home wherever I am these days. But more than that, I believe the mortgage, car, house prescription to be exactly that – a prescription. If it’s what you want, of course, reach out and grab it. But I watch so many people wade into this prescribed path, without question, with hopes of happiness, but without asking “How do I want to live?” And to me, that question is a vital ingredient for happiness. It’s vital that we ask ourselves at every turn “I this really the best way of doing it ?” “How do I want to do this? How do I want to live?”


from Pause For Thought: BBC Radio Devon, released January 30, 2017


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