Good Morning

from 21st Century Hymns by Kimwei



Good Morning

Verse 1
In 20 years I’ll wake up
Still be saying
‘Good morning my dear’.
If this impossible tide
Of good fortune continues
It’ll just have got better each year.

And no-one quite remembers
How hard they hit puberty
They tell me it all goes downhill
From that crash
But they didn’t know you
Or me

Verse 2
In 40 years we’ll wake up
Still be saying
‘Good morning my love’
There’ll be photos by the bed
Of the things that we said
And the mountains we climbed
In the past

And we can’t quite remember
How hard we hit puberty
This impossible tide of good fortune
Has left nothing still standing
But you and me

Verse 3
So tomorrow I’ll wake up
And be saying
‘Good morning my dear’
This can only get better
Things can only get better
It can only get better this year…



from 21st Century Hymns, released November 1, 2009


all rights reserved


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