Hokey Kokey

Stay in go out, stay in go out, in out in out, I feel like we’re doing the hokey kokey? Well, my whole self is staying in for now - I got the message yesterday that my tutor has been exposed so we’re doing our classes from home this week. I wasn’t prepared for this. There’s not even a clear white wall in the house. In the end, I decided to use my bedroom door as a background, cause it’s kinda plain at least. I tried to set things up to make it look like I was sitting on a chair, you know, like normal, not curled up on the floor with my phone balanced on the chair in front of me. Then I saw everyone’s else’s backgrounds! Their houses all looked immaculate and they didn’t even seem to be trying and they all looked like they were typing on their laptops during the class, but I don’t have a laptop so I just kind of mimed typing. I thought I was getting away with it until the cat jumped up and knocked my phone over… 3 times. Next lesson I’m going to just say my camera is broken. I’ll be glad when the Christmas Holidays come.

Lockdown is lifted and it’s time to take my whole self out! Out on the town, to Ashburton Arts Centre for some Saturday night folk music and off to Dartington on Sunday for some hot jazz - I can’t wait. I feel like my soul has been sucked into Zoom and I’m waiting for it to be teased out by somebody’s sweet voice and guitar. I’ve already been out today, Trago Mills, to get a new mirror for the living room, cause you just don’t realise how dark it gets in that room until you’re stuck at home for a whole winter month. Just going to a different shop besides the Supermarket kinda sent me on a high! I bumped into Jan and Tony in the Christmas decorations aisle and of course we couldn’t hug, so we ended up jumping up and down like happy reindeer - it was so good to see them. I’m not an indoor person. The guy I’m most jealous of is Santa, the only one who’s got a special license to travel anywhere and visit anyone in the world. Lucky git.

In? Out? In? Out? Will I stay in or start to go out? It all depends on Pfizer… well that’s a bit of excitement isn’t it. Goodness! Just thinking about it shakes me all about I’ve been indoors for so long now, since March you know being 92 as I am, it’s the rules, but I take myself out for a drive every so often to prove I can still do it, don’t tell my son. He’d hit the roof. “Not until you’ve had the vaccine mum,” he’d say. He says I’ll be first on the list to get jabbed as fast I can stick my right arm out. Mind you, might I have to go back to doing my own shopping then? I didn’t know till lockdown that they can deliver your food these days. Didn’t know you could get a “what is app telephone”. My son bought me one of those which does all sorts of things like showing you a picture of who you’re talking to and apparently David Attenborough has one too. If I do get the jab, what I’m most looking forward to is seeing Mary down the road - she’s my age and she doesn’t have a family to visit her like I do and I do worry about her.

Looking forward to Christmas? Am I? I’m practically ready to do the hokey kokey. It’s all turning around now we’re out of lockdown and I’m starting my Christmas shopping at the weekend that’s for sure. Then we’re taking the kids to socially distanced Santa’s Grotto the weekend after. I think it’s just me and Lianna who find bit weird like that he’ll be wearing a fluffy red mask but the kids ‘ave just gotten used to this kinda thing - it’s normal for them. Santa in a visor, it bothers me. And you know what else bothers me… what’s the actual difference between lockdown and Christmas? I mean, apart from the tinsel. Won’t we be just be at home, come Dec 25th, the 4 of us, eating lots and watching TV and playing daft games? I mean that’s what it’s all about.



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