Jan 2020 Climate Awareness Part 4: Build at The Speed of Trust

from Pause For Thought: BBC Radio Devon by Kimwei



4. Build at The Speed of Trust

It's March 2019 and I arrive in Bristol in time to help Jake load a van full of drums back into storage. "I just led a thousand kids across Bristol in the Climate Strike" he told me, "It's getting SO big now. With samba drums you can march. Everyone can hear you coming and they all want to join in. I'm telling you, this is just growing and growing."

By April, I had joined the band, a close knit core team of around 15, making noise for marching and dancing at every climate protest going. Many had never drummed before but were united and inspired into two weeks of Spring protests in London that put Climate Change on every channel, that put a Pink Boat in Oxford Circus with David Attenborough’s voiceover from “Climate Change: The Facts” piping out.

By October, there were bands springing up in every town and city, such that the London demonstrations that month included over 100 drummers and on one momentous day, we all met at Whitehall and played together - a formidable circle of sound.

This kind of growth is not uncommon. From April to October last year, Extinction Rebellion's numbers, like those of their drummers, grew more than fold. Global Youth Climate Strikes swelled too, with Exeter's September demonstration expecting 100s and ending up with thousands. As Jake said "they all want to join in". What's made Climate Protest grow so fast in the past year? Perhaps because we finally believe it will make a difference, perhaps because it already has.


from Pause For Thought: BBC Radio Devon, released January 30, 2017


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