Jan 2020 Climate Awareness Part 6: Holding Up The Mirror

from Pause For Thought: BBC Radio Devon by Kimwei



6. Holding Up The Mirror

In the end, it was the Mirror who made the boldest statement among newspapers, when in Nov last year they become the first and only paper to produce a full issue on The Climate and Ecological Emergency. It was simply titled “The Climate Issue”.

Their journalist Rhian Lubin told various radio stations this: “There’s never been a more important issue than this one we’re facing today. That’s why we’ve dedicated an entire paper towards it. It’s typically something that’s been covered by largely broadsheets, so we think it’s really important to cover it as a tabloid and get the message out there that we are really at this crisis point now… we now feel that this a subject of huge importance and concern to our readers, who are normal working people, and that’s why we’ve done it”.

The Mirror’s statement in choosing to give this topic centre stage is both exemplary and inspirational. As their selected experts say:

Chris Packham: The climate issue is everyone’s issue. Not just readers of the Mirror but people of the world

Dr Tamsin Edwards: Two words come to mind: irreversibility, and injustice

Dr Douglas Parr: The bad outcomes are as bad as elements of nuclear war 

Mike Child: Across the world people are already dying

Holly Gillibrand: Millions of children, including myself, have been striking from school to demand action. But it is the grown-ups, the people in power, who must lead the fight for our planet... starting now







from Pause For Thought: BBC Radio Devon, released January 30, 2017


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