June 2020 Pandemic Pauses Part 1: A Call To Pause

from Pause For Thought: BBC Radio Devon by Kimwei



In the case of an emergency, we are so familiar with the idea of a “call to arms”, but for the first time we are being faced with a “call to pause”. 2020 Pandemic lockdown has required us to firmly press the button with the two vertical lines and come to a stop.

Next came the drop to an eerie silence as we’ve emptied city centres, witnessed stir-quiet beaches. We’ve seen nature start to breathe again as skies glow blue and wildlife begins to venture out.

Last night I paused by the river after dark to see a toad and her three younglings right in the middle of the footpath, amazed that they came so close to me in the quiet. So, when I next saw a shadowy mound on the tarmac in front of me I paused then too, and then moving carefully, took one step, then another and knelt down. I inched forward and leaned closer to the little dark patch, only to see as it was lit by the moon... that it was a banana.

In this time of lockdown we can pause for something profound - a beauty or a loss, or simply pause in order not to slip-up and come to misfortune, metaphorically speaking or literally slipping-up on an actual banana. Either way, the Pandemic is an invitation for all of us to Pause For Thought. The lockdown puts our daily lives on Pause and forces us to rethink everything. What is it like, exactly where we are? What are we like, exactly as we are?


from Pause For Thought: BBC Radio Devon, released January 30, 2017


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