June 2020 Pandemic Pauses Part 2: Starting Now

from Pause For Thought: BBC Radio Devon by Kimwei



Wearing my patched cut-off jeans shorts and shod in leather boots I began my first ever lockdown jog, feeling conspicuously un-sporting. The only possible clues that I was in-fact a genuine runner rather than somebody running away having just committed daylight robbery, were the water bottle in my right hand and the fact that somebody who was running for criminal reasons would probably have been running a whole lot faster than I was.

Because in reality I am a terrible runner, yet with everything else shut and daily outdoor exercise being advocated, conditions were ripe for me to give it a go. Upon joining the footpath I found myself overtaken by several walkers, who I suspected were olympic race-walkers… though they may not have been. Yes, I have always been last in any group of friends who ever decided to run for a train or bus, or even just for fun, but lockdown gave me permission to try it, whether or not I had any ability, or appropriate footwear.

After a few days of training my new game became spotting other people who had taken up running solely because of the lockdown. They can be sighted wearing such delights as pyjama bottoms with trainers, but today’s winner was a man, probably in his 70s, who was wearing trousers with a crease ironed into them, a golfing jacket and baseball cap. "More power to you sir" I thought to myself. "At first I thought you were running after some toddler grandchild who had got away, but on closer inspection there was no grandchild in sight. Instead you kept on running down the path and on and on around the corner."

The lockdown puts our lives on pause and invites us to ask what we can do right now just as we are - not once we’ve bought the right kit or gained the right expertise? What could you start doing now, not because you're hoping to be good at it, but because it would nourish you? That might be starting to do something new, or rather more radically, it might be stopping some things you are doing and simply starting to rest.


from Pause For Thought: BBC Radio Devon, released January 30, 2017


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