Let Our Love Keep Us Together

from Today's Calls: Pandemic Pieces on BBC Radio Devon by Kimwei



Let our love keep us together
as the darkness comes and goes,
as the doctors, nurses, suffer,
as the death toll grows and grows,
let our love keep us together.

Let our love keep us together
as this virus binds us all,
the price too high to see each other -
we’re locked down, separate, lonely, small,
yet love is keeping us together,

and love too keeps us all apart
when missing you is like a fever,
you the lifeline for my heart
whose life depends on seeing no-one.
Let our love keep us apart,

yet let our love keep us together,
through the portal of our calls -
through Zoom and Skype and phone and typing,
let me hold you, catch your fall,

and let my love keep you together,
when you’re screaming in the night -
your personal apocalypse,
your fear, your grief, your need, your fight.
Let my love keep you together.

And you who’s lost your life, my darling,
let your love surround me now.
Reach for me when I am lonely.
Let memories of you live on -
of you who you were to me and how
I let your love keep me together.

Now let this land keep me together
as it pounds beneath my feet.
I run through Devon’s hills and valleys
in the frost and rain and sleet.
Let this land make me complete.

At home, let love keep us from hell.
Let us make heaven of this place
where we share a bedsit flat and
I want Kylie, you want Sting and The Police.
Let love and earplugs save our grace,

and let our love go on forever,
through the lockdown and beyond.
Let’s reach for love, let’s give it, share it,
‘till quiet kindness is the bond
that let’s our love go on forever
and let that love keep us together.



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