May 2018: Bard of Exeter Interview

from by Kimwei



Talking about becoming Bard of Exeter for 2018, live on the Pippa Quelch Show. See


TRANSCRIPTION OF SPOKEN PIECE: Adapted extract from The Magic Catcher - The story of the boy who forgot his light and the girl who forgot her darkness, by Kimwei McCarthy

We cut from the same magic.
We are the creatives, the storytellers, the magic makers.
We are.

You go around casting spells without knowing it. You flick a thought away and never give it another. Don't you wonder where it goes?

My people used to put our spells in objects - a candlestick, a treasured piece of jewelry, a wedding ring. But you no longer believe in those things and they are as fictional as this story (which is to say, they are as fictional as you want them to be).

Before that, we put our magic in the sky, in the earth. We flung our gods as far as the furthest stars and worshipped them.

Now you have reached those stars with your own metal inventions. You have gone to the homes of the gods and found them to be mere gas giants, burning away into the night, holding as only much wisdom as this story does (that is to say, only as much wisdom as you can find in them).

Where do you put your magic today?
Into which cauldrons do you cast your spells?
Where do you pour your stories?
Where do you wish?

This story is not about me, it is about you, it is about us, because we are the creatives, the storytellers, the magic makers.


from Pause For Thought: BBC Radio Devon, released January 30, 2017


all rights reserved


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