Rushing Out As Londown Eases, Plus Interview

from Today's Calls: Pandemic Pieces on BBC Radio Devon by Kimwei



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I'm about to head into town... for the first time since lockdown’s eased, first chance I've had - although my husband and the two boys have already been, and they’ve been regaling me mercilessly with stories from the Ice Cream shop, telling me about all the new flavours they've tried.
It's all quite overwhelming to think what I might do first. Perhaps I'll buy darning thread to darn our pants and socks rather than rushing to Primark to buy more underwear, like that Lady in Manchester did. Did you see her in the paper? What a thing to tell a journalist - I mean, "It's been a year since I bought new pants - they wear out so quickly don't they." Do you think she meant for the newspa per to include that bit - "they wear out so quickly don't they," or was it kinda an aside and now she's really embarrassed that they printed it. My youngest lad saw it over my shoulder and said," wait, people replace their underwear"? and I said "yes dear, people wash their underwear too, it doesn't just magically appear clean in chests of drawers overnight,"

I'll be glad to get out the door, just for a change of scene. I'm eager as anything, but maybe not as eager as some people have been.
My husband was telling me that some of the blokes from work went out to Spoons for a 9am pint on Monday morning, just because they could, can you believe it, and then dripped into the office at half past nine looking merry. I said "George, don't tell me you went along too," and he said, "No darling of course not," but he had that look about him when he said it, so I reckon he probably did go, but I'm not one to press on these things, we all have our little weaknesses.

Our eldest has been going stir crazy in the past year, sat at home playing Fifa online with his mates instead of playing footie for real, or sitting upstairs on the YouTubes with his guitar instead of practicing with his punk band in the garage. I guess he got fed up of me having a go at him every time another gaming keyboard or guitar whatnot that he'd ordered arrived in the post, so since Monday he's got crafty and bypassed the mail entirely. Straight after school he hit the charity shops hard, looking for any musical instrument or bit of computer kit he could find. He's bought himself a little Raspberry Pi chippy thing and terrible old crackly guitar amplifier and he's trying to connect them up to each other somehow, mainly resulting in lots of electronic screeching sounds. Then there's the little hand drum he's got himself that he keeps banging away on, and worst of all, something called a Stylophone that sounds like the singing voice of a Dalek. He spent all of yesterday evening learning to play the Dr Who theme tune on it and telling all that he's changing his name to Eddie Van Stylophone.

Anyway, I'm off now, got my shopping bag, my mask, hand gel, yep. Wish me luck. There's a frothy coffee and an outdoor table with my name on it outside The Boston Tea Party, I know it. But first I've got a long needed hairdressers appointment at Tony's next door, which hopefully will put a stop to this overgrown fringe being the bane of my eyesight so that I can actually find said table with my name on it. After that… if I'm feeling really wild, I might go to the Library!



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