Sept 2018 £0 Challenge Part 7: Post £0 Challenge

from Pause For Thought: BBC Radio Devon by Kimwei




It’s four years since I challenged myself to run out of money completely and then build back up from £0. I can safely say the experience changed my life - I now live in a post £0 Challenge state. I can’t say I earn more than I did and sometimes I still hit the minus figures. Sometimes I even have a crisis, like that time my beloved yellow van, which I lived in, needed replacing and all-of a sudden I faced a bill for thousands.

What’s important is that each time that happens, I can remind myself of what I learned from the £0 Challenge - that security does not come from money and that to be rich you only need one pound more than you need.

The most remarkable thing about going to £0 was how fearful I was during the decline of my funds, and how much of a big deal the zero mark… wasn’t. At the end of the year, I’d built my way back up to a healthy income and my earnings for that year were no lower than usual. I thought running out was going to be the end of the world, but in the end it allowed me to see money for what it was - a place for me to hide my fears. Taking it away helped me to find them, face them and get back to seeing money as coins, and everything else as gold.


from Pause For Thought: BBC Radio Devon, released January 30, 2017


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