Today's Calls Part 1 (on Skypes​)​, Plus Interview

from Today's Calls: Pandemic Pieces on BBC Radio Devon by Kimwei



Sarah Gosling Presents "Evenings" on BBC Radio Devon. As Grand Bard of Exeter I joined through ye olde telephone, from the comfort of my van, and reading a poem which honours some of the various varied experiences that we are all having in lockdown - from disconnection to connection, from beauty to loss to joy.

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The first Skype window opens and he tells me that in his country the lockdown is easing now, that yesterday he finally could get a haircut and that when he left his apartment block to go to the barber the guard did not argue about his ID card before he signed out.

Another Skype window opens and she tells me she is at home with her three boys and that it’s hard to take time for herself, that no-one is stopping her from going to her study every day yet an invisible thread ties her to each of her children, like ghosts of their umbilical cords, at a time when life feels so precious, and death roams the world taking it almost at random.

Another Skype window opens and he tells me he has started giving balcony concerts for his friends, that one woman with cancer asked for him for her birthday and that he played and sang her favourite songs, pouring music from his balcony to her conservatory like tea into a cup.

Another Skype window opens and she tells me things have never been better, that she can finally rest and the noise and pain have stopped, and for the first time in her life there is peace.

Another Skype window opens and he tells me that his father is dead. That he died yesterday alone in the hospital, a flight and 30minute drive away from this computer that I am talking to him through, which sits on the desk in a room that he cannot leave, cannot fly away from, as though nothing else exists outside of that room so in a way nothing has changed, except that the man who had loved him since before he was born used to exist outside of that room. And now he doesn't.



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