Tomorrow Needs To Be Different

from Today's Calls: Pandemic Pieces on BBC Radio Devon by Kimwei



This week’s installment is what’s called a “found poem”, meaning I didn’t write any of the words myself. Instead, I made a jigsaw of phrases written by the attendees of my sustainable future writing workshop today, expressing their feelings about the world’s current state and imagining how our future might look. Their words are interspersed with news headlines from the last week. This piece is raw and immediate, and whilst given the chance, each writer might well have honed and polished the lines they sent me, I wanted to present each line as it came, to share the group’s vision in its purest state. Andrew Aus, Clare Redfern, Emily Grossman, Tia Meraki and Ros all contributed.


The UK becomes the first country in Europe to surpass 50,000 Covid deaths

This pandemic will slow us down until we can make sense of our blurred motion.
The future we spent our lives chasing, racing towards has nowhere left to run: “exponential growth” just two more words for cancer. The emptiness of our ambitions has been laid bare

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced a second national lockdown for England to prevent a "medical and moral disaster" for the NHS.

And so we meet, unprepared, here in the present, our social identifiers slipping like sand through our fingers. Who are we, and why are we here?
We stand and watch and cannot leave -
the curve flattens.

To see the world anew again, tomorrow needs to be different.

Joe Biden wins US election after four tumultuous years of Trump presidency: Biden styled himself as the antithesis to Trumpism – and won

I can see the future - it's torn in two - it is bright, it is dark, near and far
I see the land in recovery - hear it sighing in relief. The sight of insects and small creatures dancing together amongst diverse rows of plants. The air so pure you can taste the sunlight on the breeze. The forests yawn lazily as they wake like sleeping kingdoms kissed from slumber. The sounds of birds fills the wind, echoing around luscious expanses of green.

US President-elect Joe Biden is poised to embed action on climate change across the breadth of the federal government… to speed U.S. efforts to mitigate global warming.

It’s got to be sustainable this time because there is no other way.
I'll shape a forest, tree by tree
sculpt another flowerhead for the bees
tomorrow needs to be different
it's time to build these models to scale
plant our tomorrows and our overmorrows
peel back the concrete so the soil can breathe

Oxford coronavirus vaccine results could be available within weeks.
Tomorrow hasn’t happened yet. The dawn is still on the edge of breaking.
Will it crack? Will it shake? Will the breaking break or will it mend?
Tomorrow hasn’t happened yet: how delicious that is.
All around the world we are dreaming of new ways and new beginnings
The sun creeps its fingers over the edge of the horizon and hauls itself into the light.



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