TRACK - A Year For Diving Deep

from Today's Calls: Pandemic Pieces on BBC Radio Devon by Kimwei



Unfortunately I didn't get the chance to record this week's instalment from BBC Radio Devon, but here is the piece/track which was broadcast on April 3rd by Sarah Gosling at 7.45pm on the Saturday night BBC Radio Devon Arts and Culture Show.


It was a year for diving deep
I dived into my sofa, my home, my life, my heart.

It was a year to ask the hardest questions
Will I choose you to be in my bubble?
And will you choose me?
Who will I stay home for?
For me, for my family, my friends?
For people I have never met?
Would they stay home for me?

It was the year my home became my temple,
on washing days I cleansed my spirit,
on baking days I was nourished,
On mending day I patched my jeans,
And maybe I fixed the whole world.
I made Sunday my resting day
Which is easier to say than do
I took a nap and dreamed the pandemic was over
And then woke up and remembered,

It was a year I will never forget / It was a year I want to forget
It was a year I will always remember

It was the year everything changed
It was the year I got engaged/got married/got divorced

It was the year my baby was born
It was the year my grandmother/grandfather/wife/husband/

child/sister/brother/friend/lover died

It was the year we stayed home and postponed our wedding/honeymoon/birthday party/holiday/life.

It was the year I started living
moved house,
learned to make mug cake in the microwave
gained half a stone,

It was the year that vicar with a water gun went viral,
and so did that guy who wasn’t a cat,
and toilet roll jokes became a standard...

It was the year we yet had another go and ending racism and misogyny
The year you got lonely, and so did I,
And the year we all learned how to wash our hands properly
and what the mute button is for...
It was the year we didn’t go out but didn’t let that stop us getting takeaway.

It was the year I made things I'd always wanted to,
like a sun and moon bunting and heaps and heap of masks.
The year I had a brain scan which showed white dots..
And the year that Brexit actually occurred…

It was the year I left my job / got a new job / lost my job
and remembered the arbitrary nature of the way humans organise time.
It was the year that I learned to play ukulele a bit

It was the year we stared at data and exponential graphs
wore masks over the social masks of the self,
and learned how beautiful and quiet the world can be.
It was the year we dived deep into our sofas, into ourselves, our homes, our lives, our hearts.
It was the year I dived into you my darling,
The year I understood that we are never truly apart.



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